About Us

Color and Comfort

Based in Miami, Florida’s booming Wynwood arts district, Kabaccha Shoes are, in their own right, a work of art. Every shoe is handmade in Italy by artisan craftsmen, out of the finest Italian leather on the market.  We at Kabaccha Shoes have reinvented the boring black dress shoe with the help of modern technologies and overflowing creativity.    

Our shoes are where traditional tastes and urban sophistication meet to create Modern Shoes for Modern Men & Women. We have enlivened our classically inspired silhouettes, that reference traditional footwear, by offering you must-have styles in a wide spectrum of electrifying colors.

Freedom of Choice

Kabaccha Shoes are made for the risk-taker and aspiring creative with an affinity for redefinition.  Blends of timeless elegance and striking, colorful details make our shoes the perfect statement pieces that will allow you to express your personality through your everyday style.  

From the start, Kabaccha Shoes set out to bring the experience of Italian shoemakers face-to-face with your very own creativity, passions and tastes. Today, our brand has pushed aside the long-standing business model that puts profits over people by bringing you comfort and effortless style at an affordable price.


Made in Italy

Kabaccha’s journey started in one of the fashion capitals of the world -- Milan. Our partnership with an artisan factory allows us to bring handmade, Italian-leather footwear directly to you, for an unbelievable price. The quality of our shoes comes from both the premium materials that are their makeup and the history behind the hands that handle them.

Our passionate Italian craftsmen and women have perfected their art over generations, using processes passed down over the years to fill your shoes with a priceless history of quality shoemaking.  Every part of a Kabaccha Shoe is handmade in Italy from the leather, laces, soles, and right down to the box.     


What We're Made Of

The heightened standard of quality held at Kabaccha is both visible and tangible. From the beginning, we strove to find the highest quality Italian leather by looking to the best tanneries in the world to source our materials. We look for the softest leathers in fresh and intense colors that cannot be achieved anywhere else, unafraid to turn away anything less than the best. These materials are then worked only by the hands of highly experienced, Italian, artisan shoemakers.

The Soul of Your Soles

The soles of our shoes, are the soul in shoes. While our bright and electrifying colors are the striking visual difference, wearers of Kabaccha Shoes will immediately appreciate their lightweight soles that simultaneously provide excellent grip & stability.  The unique blend of wearability and fine Italian leather have allowed us to create durable and comfortable footwear that will add an element of personality to anything you wear.

It's In Our Blood

A thoroughbred shoe designer, our founder, Kabeer Arora, comes from a long line of shoemakers. His own experience in the shoemaking industry started with family and developed at design schools in London and Italy. As the brand’s fearless leader and an artist in his craft, Kabeer knows the intricacies of shoe design down to the lace, giving him a sharply trained eye to identify materials of the highest quality and true craftsmanship.   

In February of 2015, Kabeer and the Kabaccha Team launched a crowdfunding campaign for Kabaccha Shoes.  The brand became the single most successful crowdfunded footwear brand in history


Watch It Unfold

Step into our shoes and follow the whole Kabaccha journey in this short video.  

Our journey has made the Kabaccha brand who we are today.  We've come a long way from where we started: learning, growing, sometimes failing, and, above all, evolving.  If we could do it all over again... we wouldn't change a thing.

Feel what it's like to be in our shoes - Kabaccha Shoes.


Kabeer Arora
CEO & Founder